Main Rules

  • Be careful!

    Don't try dares if you they may be dangerous for you to do.

  • Keep your personal information safe

    Don't reveal where you live, your phone number or any other personal information.

  • The internet is forever

    Please consider possible consequences of anything you post online.

How do I make my own dare?

  • Become a member

    You can make your own account here.

  • Make your dare

    You can make a dare for fun or add prize money. You can make your dare here.

  • Wait for your dare to get accepted

    You will get messaged when your dare is accepted and it will be put up for everyone to see and try it. Share it with people!

  • When the event is over

    The winner's video will be loaded up on our main channel and get the prize money or points.

How do I participate in a dare?

Other common questions

  • What do points do?

    They are at the moment just internet points. We're planning to add more to it, but not as it stands now. Users can add real money on each dare if they want the dare to be completed faster.

  • How do I know the dare is open?

    As long as the big "Claim prize" button is visible, you're free to submit your video and take the prize!

  • How do I get paid?

    You need to register a PayPal account at Use the same email you use on PayPal on our site to receive money. If you signed up with another email, contact us and we will add that email!